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07.05.18 04:45 AM

Videos, Tutorials, Tips, FAQs and more

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All you need to create a signature and apply it to your organization, or departments, locations, etc. 

Explanatory videos that show how to perform all kind of tasks in Zumpul

As the Zumpul community has grown, more and more resources have been created to support all our users. 

The Zumpul Academy was born to guide our users through any process that can be performed in the app, from logging in to the app, you can find tutorials to create a signature, use the most advanced features such as a conditional IF, images and links in the signature, also to sync your Google Directory with Zumpul as well as update a profile or several profiles in bulk.

The Zumpul Academy is totally free and is available for anyone online.

Some of the most visited articles are:https://support.zumpul.com/portal/en/kb/articles/209-how-to-schedule-a-signature-to-weekly-monthly-etc ans many other.

These are videos that show the processes in details for you to save time and efforts when creating and applying a signature with Zumpul. You'll find 5 differente modules that cover all the tasks than can be done with the app.

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