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By - darvin
08.05.18 03:02 AM

Experiences, recommendations and a lot more

It is well know that we live in a very social era, people need to stay connected with other people, we want to hear others' feedback about a product or service, we want to hear some experiences and share ours. With all that in mind we created the Zumpul User Community, a space dedicated to all our users, where they can express themselves in any sense.

It's becoming a source of truth for those who are still looking for the best option for an email signatures management tool, and for those who are already using it, a channel to share.

From our side, we make sure to share all kind of resources, such as new tutorials, we announce the new coming features in the app and oftenly we announce any webinar that we host. Also we post the webinar recordings in case you miss them or you want to recap anything thatwas sais in it, and, of course, we provide answers to any questions that are posted by any member.

Let's get social, let's learn together

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