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Can I add another person that can manage the signatures?

Jose Eno
on 5/17/18, 11:09 AM 1,014 views

Put your answer here.
it sounds great! thank you

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On Thu, May 17, 2018 at 9:09 AM, Jose Eno <apps@aeegle.com> wrote:

A new question Can I add another person that can manage the signatures? on Home has been posted. Click here to access the question :

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Darvin Otero
on 6/2/18, 6:27 PM


Jose Eno

--Jose Eno--

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SS, El Salvador
--Jose Eno--
Jose Eno
On 5/17/18, 11:14 AM

Yes. By default only the G Suite Superadmin that installed the app has access to it, however you can add as many people that you need to access the app to design and manage the signatures, you can find detailed steps on this tutorial: http://zsupport.aeegle.com/academy/1modulo-starting-with-zumpul/104-adding-new-signatures-administrator

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