Zumpul ENTERPRISE Licence (Annual)

Zumpul ENTERPRISE Licence (Annual)

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12 MONTHS of Zumpul ENTERPRISE service
G Suite signature management tool

Zumpul Enterprise, G Suite Licences Management tool

The Enterprise Edition of Zumpul allows to create unlimited templates for signatures and apply based on departments, OUs, Locations, etc, besides you can apply them unlimited times in a month.

After your purchase you can get started at z.aeegle.com


  • User is any domain user with a G Suite License.

  • You need to purchase Zumpul licences for all active users in your G Suite domains

  • Minimum Order required is 20 Users. For example If you just need 6 or 19 users, 20 users will be invoiced. 

  • Free version will allow only 1 email signature template with a maximum of 4 execution per month.

  • On July 17, 2019, this link became obsolete. Please enter HERE to make your paymant. 

For support and tutorials visit: zsupport.aeegle.com