Introducing Zumpul Pro and Enterprise editions

By - darvin
07.05.18 04:45 AM

With a free 30 days trial

It's been a long trip since the first version of Zumpul showed up in the G Suite Marketplace in 2017, hundreds of companies are already taking advantage of all its benefits and thousands of signatures have been designed and applied with it.

Based on the experience that over 300 customers with 65K users and feedback provided by our early users from 50 countries, we have applied some changes and improvements to the app in terms of User Interface and Experience to make it more user friendly.

These new editions come together with the creation of a Free version, which will be available for everyone, for a limited amount of time... With a few limitations and restrictions you can still apply a signature to your entire organization (all of them based on one single template). The Pro and Enterprise editions provide 20 and unlimited signature templates respectively, so that you can have different templates for different departments, locations, etc.

You can still try the application with no restrictions before buying, we have a 30 day trial available for all new users when the application is installed from the G Suite Marketplace.

There is an interesting roadmap for these new editions that covers many upgrades and new features, we can advance: Shared Contacts management among others.

Start using Zumpul in 3 simple steps:

    1. Install the app from the G Suite Marketplace, click here to go, you will start the 30 day trial period.
    2. Watch some tutorials and videos to easily start using the app at: Zumpul Support Center
    3. When you're ready, get the paid edition, visit:

Get the most out of Zumpul, expand your marketing strategy through the signatures in your email and generate more traffic to your websites, events and more.

Some important notes for this change:

      • The signatures that have been applied already will remain as they are, no matter if you downgrade, upgrade, etc.
      • If you move to the free version, only 1 signature template will be available, the others will be disabled but will be available for 30 days in case you decide to upgrade (after that period will be permanently deleted)
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