Zumpul, a great tool for marketing

By - darvin
07.05.18 03:02 AM

But what is it?

Email is the # 1 tool for communications in the companies, billions of emails are sent every single day and that includes your company, so, why is that we haven't been taking the most out of that resource? More and more companies now send promotional or marketing emails that for some reason or another such as people getting annoyed with so many marketing, don't accomplish its goals.

When you send an email that is productive, informative and necessary, you make sure that the destination is going to read its content, so what better way that including your marketing as part of the signature in those emails.

Zumpul is a tool that will let you manage the signatures of all your staff from a single place by a specific person or group of people that you assign, being that  the signatures are managed, only content that is compliant to your company will be included, such as the company branding, colors, banners, etc.

So, if you have a special campaign you can promote it through your external emails or an event for your staff, let's spread the word in the emails.

Generate traffic to your websites, promote your campaigns or spread the word for your events in all your emails, Zumpul is the perfect tool to achieve it.

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